Anemotracker app: New features and functionalities are waiting for you!

Anemotracker App is a free download app for Android and  IOS devices and GARMIN watches. With a very focused marine flavour, the app has had a great impact around the sailors environment. With different screens showing the true and apparent wind speed and direction, and also an option for tracking the navigation, the app results of a big use for sailing purposes. 

As a result of the increase demand of users, Calypso Instruments is very happy to announce the release of an upgrade for the Anemotracker App. This new upgrade will offer new capabilities that will make the user to enjoy the sailing activities even more. Furthermore, Calypso went far beyond and this time has flavoured Anemotracker app for different purposes. 

New flavours within anemotracker App

Ideal app for sailors and watersport activities

New screens that will be added up to the existing ones. The user will enjoy couple of new screens such as visual/dynamic graphs with option to zooming for more detailed information. The secondary sensors to calibrate the bow-offset, damping will remain for their use. 

Involved in meteorological activies

All data a user want to access when it refers to meterological factors will be displayed in different screens choosinng this new flavour. Wind speed and direction,  temperature, humidity, wind pressure, wind gusts and visual/dynamic graphs which will record data over several time intervals.  Zoom in to get more detailed information. Do not forget, the user will also be able to track and  export such information into  a csv format to a PC. 

Hit the golf ball with accuracy

The design represents a simple but very visual screen where golfers will have a clear idea of the procedence and intensity of the wind. Such information will help for performance assesment. 

Main updates: 

  • Upgrade the latest firmware version from the App-This new add-on will let the user to upgrade the Ultrasonic Portable to the latest firmware version from Anemotracker app.

  • Wind direction adjustable damping

  • Velocity Made Good calculations

  • New derived data: stylish graphs with Means and deviationd


New wind measurement technologies for fire prevention and safety equipment