Calypso Instruments is excited to announce compatibility with GARMIN watches.

With the great advance of technology which is continuously making an impact in our lives, we saw the opportunity to make our Ultrasonic Portable wind meter compatible with GARMIN watches and forget about connecting it to a smartphone/ipad or display to register wind data.

Today, technology consists of small, simple gadgets that give us any information we desire.  When running, cycling, sailing, playing golf, walking, etc… we are already using a device/watch that gives us information about speed, distance, maps…  Taking advantage of our Bluetooth signal we thought that it could be interesting to connect our wind meter and get wind information displayed on a GARMIN watch screen.

This is the information you can get on your watch!!!!

Calypso Instruments has developed an APP you can download from the GARMIN IQ CONNECT. After downloading the app, your GARMIN watch will be refreshed and it will appear as any other app you may previously downloaded.

How to start using the Calypso Instruments App on your watch?

1.       On the menu option look for Calypso Instruments App

2.       Locate your anemometer up to 30 meters away from your watch. It may take a few seconds/minutes until your GARMIN watch connects with the Ultrasonic Portable wind meter.

3.       Wind starts blowing and you can see the following information on your watch:

a.       True wind speed and direction (TWS,TWD)

b.      Apparent wind speed and direction (AWS,AWD)

c.       Course over ground (COG)

d.      Speed over ground (SOG)

e.      Battery Status

*Note: You can customize the screen as you wish to display the variables which are interesting to you.

4.  Synchronize your GARMIN watch to your phone and see/analyze wind information (among any other data.

(Click on the following youtube video to see how to do it)

Not only as an App but also as a Datafield

You can see wind data displayed when using Calypso Instruments App, but there is also an option to download a data field to be combined with any other activity such as running, golfing, cycling… Thus your wind information will be displayed in one of the screens of your watch!

Moreover, the app offers another versatile option that includes tracking your activity! Be the first to synchronize the activity data to your GARMIN CONNECT APP and analyze the different graphs (heart rate, speed, distance…) and also the WIND DATA

Presenting the new UART version of the Ultra Low Power (ULP) Ultrasonic Wind Meter