Calypso Instruments launches a DAVIS compatible ultrasonic wind sensor

 DAVIS INSTRUMENTS is established in the market as global leader of wind sensors. 

As Calypso Instruments, we are very happy to launch an ultrasonic wind meter compatible with Davis weather stations.  

Davis compatible ultrasonic wind sensor: 

  • Connect to EnviroMonitor Node or Davis weather station

  • Ultrasonic transducers allow robust design with no moving parts

  • Battery powered for enhanced reliability under all weather conditions.

It suppports the following technical specifications:

  • Ultra-Low Power demand: 0,1mA

  • 2xAA, 3.6, Lithium primary batteries (replace every eight years)

  • Wind speed: 1-40m/s

  • Wind direction: 0-360º

The new ultrasonic wind meter is provided with twelve meter of cable and a small box to be plugged to the DAVIS monitor. It is just a simple PLUG and PLAY to start running your anemometer and obtain reliable and accurate wind speed and direction. 

MODBUS RTU-Latest communication protocol under RS485 Ultra Low Power wind sensor