Environmental Monitoring

In a world where environmental conditions have become a key factor to develop many activities, monitoring and measuring wind speed and direction along temperature, pressure or  humidity factors among others is of great impact in order to ensure a better quality of life quality. 

Rangers have recently own Calypso anemometers to monitor the wind speed and direction in the natural spaces. For them, it is very interesting to monitor not only the wind speed but also the wind direction. Especially during summer time when there is a risk of fires they need to be alert where there may be a possibility that a fire occurs. Being able to monitor wind data on site, thanks to the Ultrasonic Portable anemometer has become a key tool for the brigades of environmental agents. 

Moreover, knowing the wind speed and direction is considered very useful to control public parks and natural areas which are exposed to strong wind gusts and therefore, environmental agents are forced to close the natural spaces if it is a risk for citizens. 

Check out the video to see how rangers use our Ultrasonic Portable to monitor wind speed and direction.

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