MODBUS RTU-Latest communication protocol under RS485 Ultra Low Power wind sensor

 Running under RS 485 communication protocol, Calypso Instruments is happy to announce MODBUS-RTU for the ultra-low power range of Ultrasonic wind meters.

Considered the most popular industrial protocol being used today, Calypso Instruments MODBUS RTU ultra low power wind meter  ready to be used within industrial applications.

Easy to use, small, reliable, and inexpensive the Modbus protovcol allows quick integration on instrumentation networks 

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Technical Specifications: 

Power: 3,3-18 VDC

Power Consumption: 0,3mA at 38400 bauds 1Hz (5V)

Wind speed:

         Range: 40m/s

         Accuracy: 1% RMS at 10m/s

         Threshold: 1m/s

Wind direction: 

          Range: 0-359º

          Accuracy: 1% RMS at 10m/s

Output Rate:

          Baudrate: 2400 to 115200 (8n1) bauds

          Output rate 0,1 to 20 hz

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