New wind measurement technologies for fire prevention and safety equipment

 Weather conditions are one of the most critical factors in fighting a fire, performing a rescue or saving lives. Wind speed and direction are variables that are frequently analyzed to make critical decisions in the face of a potential fire risk.

Ultrasonic measurement: wind speed and direction without moving parts and without cables

Calypso Instruments equipment measures wind speed and direction using ultrasonic sensors. In the same way that automotive ultrasonic parking sensors emit a signal and interpret the rebound to know the distance to the obstacle, Calypso Instruments sensors emit and receive a signal that the anemometer electronics interprets through complex algorithms and translates it into wind speed and direction.

This technology allows a portable sensor to measure not only the intensity, but also the direction of the wind, without having to orient the equipment to find the wind direction, as is usual in other mechanical portable anemometers (turbine or cup anemometers).

Moreover, ultrasonic measurement does not require any moving parts (cups, vane, bearing, etc.), thus increasing the reliability of the system and minimizing maintenance.

The fact, that it does not require a wired power supply and emits the wind signal wirelessly (Bluetooth, range 50 meters), makes the use of wiring unnecessary, which makes it very easy to install, whether for temporary use (measurement at a location one morning), in vehicles or in a fixed measurement station (observation towers...).

A robust, Bluetooth, solar and portable anemometer..., but ideal for stationary use. 

Robust, portable and with a maximum degree of protection against water (IPX8), it has a solar panel through which the anemometer is powered, thus eliminating the need for power supply. The equipment connects via Bluetooth to any electronic device that supports this communication. Calypso Instruments has developed its own application (Anemotracker App) in which the user can read in real time the wind speed and direction. It also allows collecting the information as a logger for further analysis. The file is sent in Excel format from the cell phone or tablet on which the measurement is taken. Its small size means that the sensor can be placed in various locations. The equipment is compatible with other applications developed by third parties and the signal is open, so that any developer can incorporate the anemometer to their equipment.

Currently, the application of this technology represents an advance, both in fire prevention and extinction, as well as in wind monitoring to avoid other forest risks. Its portability represents a clear advantage, since it allows knowing in real time both the wind direction and speed in any situation, whether it is in a fixed place (fixed weather station), or if it is necessary to be on the move. In fact, the equipment is ideal for installation in any vehicle (fire department, police officers, etc.) and the application is capable of calculating the real wind from the apparent wind measured by the vehicle's anemometer and the speed and course of the wind given by the Smartphone's GPS.

In addition to its use as a manual anemometer and in vehicles, the equipment is ideal for installation at fixed points. Thus, the anemometer can be installed on a tower or pole without any cables and thanks to its solar power supply will always be available to make a wind reading on a smartphone or tablet that is within a range of 50m of the equipment.

A useful equipment for multiple applications.

There are situations where the Calypso Instruments portable sensor would be useful in the prevention of complicated situations/risks:

  •  Management of preventive decisions in situations of toxic clouds produced by fires in landfills or facilities on the outskirts of population centers.

  • Management of citizen alarms in urban areas (cities) due to odors caused by the application of livestock waste as fertilizer.

  • Management of opening or closing of crowded areas in parks or natural spaces due to risks of falling branches or trees.

  •  On the way (movement) to the emergency site in order to be aware of the wind speed and direction.

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Calypso Instruments introduces the Ultrasonic Portable wind meter on outdoors activities.