Presenting the new UART version of the Ultra Low Power (ULP) Ultrasonic Wind Meter

As we are expanding horizons, Calypso Instruments‘ products are also experiencing many improvements/ new functionalities to meet the requirements the clients are looking for. We as manufacturers offer tailored solutions to OEMs, always keeping in mind the essence of the wind instrument (wind speed&direction), but facilitating our clients the integration into their systems. 

This is the case of our ULTRA LOW POWER (ULP) ultrasonic wind meter. As of today, our wind meters support RS485 electrical interface (physical layer). RS485 is used for low-speed data communications; it requires minimal wiring and can share the wiring among several seats.

With the existing product we were able to lower the product power consumption to 0,5mA; however launching the ULTRA LOW POWER WIND METER-UART has helped us to work on lowering the power consumption even more. This new model, keeping the same improved shape, consumes 0,3mA when it is connected to a power supply of 5V and working at 1 Hz. Note that as soon as the wind sensor is working at higher voltage and higher frequency the power consumption will increase proportionally. 

The UART or Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter is a computer hardware device which is associated with a serial communication device that performs parallel- to – serial data conversion at the transmitter side and serial – to – parallel data conversion at the receiver side. Thus, UART allows transmitting and receiving serial data. UART is used in many applications like GPS Receivers, Bluetooth Modules, GSM and GPRS Modems or Wireless Communication Systems among others.

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