SDI-12: New communication protocol for Calypso Ultra Low Power wind meters.

Although COVID-19 outbreak, Calypso Instruments Ultra Low Power wind meters have  become a key product in the agricultural market. Its robustness and improved rain performance design makes it a great device to withstand all weather conditions and also to deliver accurate wind speed and direction data. This allows users to connect it to a datalogger/display or send information to the cloud.

Being able to develop SDI12 protocol is opens the door for our ultrasonic wind meters not only in the meteorological market but also in the agricultural market. Its standard communications protocol designed for environmental data acquisition provides a mean to transfer wind speed and direction data to any recorder. 

Measuring wind conditions on the field is known to help to optimize agricultural operations.  Whether you are involved in precision agriculture, spraying or irrigation applications, knowing/analyzing wind data is required to maximize efficiency and quality during farming activities. 

Whether you are an OEM, a farmer or the owner of a weather station, do not miss the chance to test our products. We are open to modify our firmware, hardware and software to fit your needs.



Enjoying the Calypso Portable anemometer on a dinghy