Something as safe as a plane could suffer strong consequences if wind was not tracked. Weather conditions are crucial to determine take-off and landing operations. Whether you want to measure wind on an airport or fly your private drone, you need to track wind speed and direction to assure safety and a great flight.

The wind meters from Calypso Instruments provide a perfect solution for those into aviation, measuring wind conditions at real time. Our Ultrasonic Portable wind sensor gives accurate and reliable data about the wind speed and direction, allowing the user to connect it via bluetooth to its phone or GARMIN watch, with a free app, perfect for drones. The Ultra Low Power wired range gives reliable information allowing the user to connect it to a datalogger/display or send information to the cloud.  Its robustness and improved rain performance design makes it a great device to stand extreme weather conditions.  


Decisions about taking off and landing.


Best moment to fly a drone safetely.


Measuring wind speed and direction, among other environmental factors, is determinant in airports to make important decisions about taking off and landing. Plane operations can be dangerous if wind is not tracked, wind data is measured to inform pilots and to assure a safe environment both inside the plane and in the airport.

 Windy conditions affect the lift, deceleration and overall stability of the plane. Anemometers provide accurate and reliable data on real time about the speed and direction of the wind, to assure safety, protection and successful airplane operations. 
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Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can be dangerous if they are not under control. Measuring wind speed and direction is crucial to determine the right moment to fly a drone, ensuring safety to everyone around.

Expensive drones and aviation devices can suffer irreparable damages by strong and uncontrolled winds. Tracking wind speed and direction will avoid unnecessary and costly impairments in your devices.

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